Help! Wounds! Nightmares!

My wounds and nightmares are dangerously close to 8. I’ve been trying to do a tough challenge without second chances, and it envolves demons so of course I got rekt. Help?

I’d immensely appreciate it.
If not wrong, the link to Vincent Åsmund is below. Thank you.

Eris can help with Nightmares, if you send her a request. (William’s are rather high as it is…).

I’m happy to help with Nightmares (though I’m out of actions at the moment, so give me a bit to accept the requests.)
Nekodemus can help with Wounds.

Thank you both. I’ll send Nekodemus a request, and you can take your time to reply.

Thanks, everyone!

Responded. I can help further if you need.

A few invitations healed me back to health, I’m saving the rest. I greatly appreciate it, and feel free to ask for a favour any time.

I had meant that you can send Kittenpox the requests for nightmares (link is in my signature), but I worded it poorly. ^_^
Nekodemus had sent wounds reduction to Vincent Åsmund, and I won’t mind if you hang onto those for later.

If anyone would like help with nightmare reduction, I’m happy to take some off your hands. Need some to hunt a certain sleepy hyaena.

Thankyou. I’ve sent some your way.

Still open for nightmare reduction but am low in actions. Keep sending them along and I’ll get round to it eventually.

Offer now closed. Thanks everyone! :)