Help with unusable UI

Has anyone else noticed that since the recent round of UI updates its flat out impossible to read significant (and annoying) portions of the pop up text when you hover over various things?

Specifically, because there is now no coloured background and the text is black, when it hangs out over the black at the edge of the screen it is completely unreadable. Is this happening to everyone, or just some people, or just me? Is there anything I can do about it?

If relevant I’m on the latest versions of both the Mac OS and Google Chrome.

Might be a Mac thing. I use chrome and all of my mouseover copy has the usual beige background under it. But I’m on a PC.

Just checked and it shows correctly in Safari, which I guess means I don’t really NEED this fixed. I can just do my Fallen Londoning in Safari. Still, I use chrome for everything else, so thats going to be annoying as hell - i.e. If anyone knows a fix for this I’d still really like to hear it.

This sounds like a serious issue. Please e-mail with the details so they can begin to fix it.

I realize it’s a shot in the dark (but what other kind is there in this game?), but have you tried tampering with your monitor settings. I know that has tripped me up in the past, especially when I didn’t personally own a computer and had to rely on public labs.

[color=#330099]Please do report this on the bugs email[/color]