Help with nightmares

Hi there,

I’ve been playing for few hours and suddenly nightmares started to haunt me pretty badly. Since I don’t know any better, I wanted to ask someone to help me fight them.


I’ve only been around for a week or two, but you can purchase laudanum from the Bazaar. It will decrease your nightmares, but give you injuries. Or, if you have it, you may spend a Sudden Insight and tell the Glass Doll your nightmares. She (?) will listen to them. The Glass Doll loves dreams of all sorts and doesn’t mind the insanity they bring. Insanity is such a welcome respite. She’s also free for chess.

Here’s someone who’s asking after nightmares!

To get help with them, there should be a storylet in your lodgings about your nightmares getting troublesome. You’ll find an option there to ask for help - type in a name and send away. Notice that someone can’t offer to help you - you need to send the action first!

That said, generally, requests for help with menaces are fielded at the finding Friends thread

Or the Help for New Players threads:

Good luck!