Help with Nightmares/Chess

My nightmares are at 4 and I need firstly Sudden Insight to get a friend to listen to them, so I’d like to invite any of you all in chess!
After that I would love if you could join me to listen to my nightmares!
Here’s my profile:

UPDATE: My nightmares are now 3 and cannot be relieve currently, but thanks to you all I have engaged in many chess games.
Thank you guys so much
edited by xcea on 7/2/2016
edited by xcea on 7/2/2016

Happy to help with Nightmares, but hopefully someone else can help with Chess. ^_^

Greetings and salutations, friend.

I am happy to play chess with you in this fine brigth day, just send the invitation to my lodgings.

I’ve sent you an invitation to a bout of chess, and would be happy to relieve you of your nightmares.

Both of my characters are currently plagued by horrid nightmares, but whenever they’re not bashing their heads against the wall, I’m sure they’d be up for a game of chess C:

I’ve a link to the “find a friend” thread in my signature, where many players for chess games and other social actions can be found. (I’m currently inaccessible so I’m not available for chess, sorry!)