Help with locked quests

How does one unlock a locked quest. I see a card next to a quest and it will tell me I need an attribute at least at a certain value, but it won’t ever unlock after reaching that value. Am I missing something?

Can you be more specific about the particular situation? Or is it happening everywhere? If the latter, I’d say that’s a bug, and should be reported to

It is happening everywhere. I will send an email.

So, let me get this straight. There are some storylets where it has a card asking you to get a certain amount of that attribute, but even when you get that attribute it stays locked?

You have it straight.

For example, my Persuasive is 7 and “Charm your way into someone’s home” requires 3 and it is still locked.

It definitey looks like a bug. If you report it, FBG will probably fix it quickly ^^

[color=00ffff]This definitely sounds bug-worthy. Email and we’ll investigate.[/color]