Help with being important

Hi folks, I’ve gotten to the point in my journey where I need to be banished by the court, bag a legend, or do various and sundry other things to progress with the Ambitious Barrister. I have been pursuing a Persuasive route primarily, so I want to get thrown out of court (I already have the Memento of Passion and the Darling of the Ambassador’s Ball), but I can’t find a place to get a new work. It says I’m working on an Epic Poem, and my Inspired quality was up to 25, before I accidentally squandered it writing another short commission elsewhere. Any suggestions on where to look/further questions about my situation?

In order to get banished, you’ll need to write things in court until you’re asked to write something that will get you banished. Since you’re working on a poem, you’ll need to finish that, and then may need to write other things. A poem needs to be at 34, so you’ll unfortunately just need to start over and grind your inspired back up.

Just as a note, the shadowy method of becoming a POSI doesn’t require you to close off content, and the grinds in the court remain useful after becoming a POSI, so you may want to think hard about how much you want to get banished now.

Also, another Persuasive thematically way of becoming a POSI is to have all four acquaintances, if you do (I didn’t, in fact)

If you wish to become banished from the court, I highly recommend writing one of every book first, as they are unique items, and writing symphonies to advance from Scholar of the Correspondence 7 to 10.

I agree with Parelle.

Get banished from the court if you want to pursue the story to the Foreign Office and then to Port Carnelian.

If it’s just to become POSI, I highly recommend to just get the 4 acquaintances. It’s simpler to do, doesn’t lock you out of content, and all 4 of them can be useful to have anyway.