Help with Ambition: Bag a Legend 45

I started my journey on killing the Vake and I haven’t encountered too much trouble so far, but I am completely at a loss for what to do now. Sinning Jenny told me about the convent across the sea, but so far I haven’t been able to find a way to get there. I’ve gone to Polythreme and raised my watchful a bunch to see if that would work but nothing has. So I ask you, what the heck am I supposed to be doing here?!?!?!?!

You can get there through the Across the Southern Archipelago storylet. You should just be able to pick it once your Approaching quality hits 9.

Cynthrall, do you have your own ship? You need a ship of your own to get there, and therefore need to be a PoSI.

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It does appear that he has no ship, a necessity for travel at zee. Every ambition requires some zee travel, and for us hunters that means a quick trip to the Sisterhood’s Fortress Monastery.

Before you go, however, you need to collect some supplies unless you want to make a second trip back to London (you don’t, trust me).

Be sure to bring 2 x Collection of Curiosities, 2 x Cellars of Wine, 1000 x Silk Scraps, and 2000 x Rats on a String as a &quotgift.&quot

edited by Owen Wulf on 4/25/2015

Ok, I had considered whether or not that was what I needed to do, but I was hoping that I didn’t have to become a PoSI. Thank you!

So, Im a PoSI, and have a ship, but the bag a legend storylet isn’t appearing at the docks. I’ve tried it on both my computer and phone. Is it an opportunity card, an unfortunate bug, or am I missing something.

Also, when I reminisce, I find nothing about the conversation about having to go to Convent. The last thing it shows is meeting Jervaise at the contortionist’s tent, and discussing getting fireworks.[li]

The storylet doesn’t appear in the docks. After you get the ship, you have put it to Zee. Your target will appear as you reach Approaching Your Destination 10. Look for the ambition icon in the list of possible destinations. Heads up: always use second chances when the nuns say they will test your strenght/stealth, unless the challenge is straightfoward. You don’t want to fail those tests, believe me.

If the last thing you’ve done is talk to Jervaise about fireworks, you should have Bag a Legend! 40 and the next storylet is in Spite.