Help Wanted: Raising "Making Waves"

I’m one point of Notability away from &quotA Legendary Charisma&quot. My Making Waves is at 6 and I need it at 17 to get the final Notability point. Can anyone help me out?

My currents stats with gear:
Watchful: 57 (thanks to my brief experience in Seeking)
Shadowy: 146
Dangerous: 178
Persuasive: 235
edited by otachi on 3/1/2017

I have been working on notability 12 (for various bad reasons), and my main grind is side converting tier 3 items. A few of the steps in the loop give out Making waves, and I think overall it averages to ~3 CP per action (depending on how nice the RNG is) and it probably would get you to MW 17 fairly quickly. The only caveat is you need 50 of some tier 3 item to start, but I would think you’d have that with stats as high as you do.
Heists also give out some, not sure how much. The options under “the life of the mind” at court all give 1 CP and some items, although that means you have to be able to get to court.

Got it. Thanks!

Did you say “A Paramount Presence”?