Help! No items equipped, Scandal still 0+1

Hello everyone!
Sorry that my first post is a cry for help… I am in the tomb-colonies and have reduced my scandal to zero, however I am still getting the &quotYou’ve lost a quality: Scandal. (but your equipped items still give you an effective level of 1 - Suspect).&quot message. I have unequipped all my items, pets, etc. (standard and expanded inventory) and don’t have a clue where that +1 to scandal comes from. I can’t leave the colonies which does get tedious after a while. Any help? Thanks so much in advance!

I can’t think of anything besides logging out and back in? It may not have recognized that you got rid of whatever was causing it. Other than that it might be a glitch. Or perhaps the Colonists enjoy you so much they are conspiring to prevent your departure.

Here (link) is an earlier thread on this very subject. I hope that helps.

Thanks for your replies!

Tried that but it didn’t change anything, and I wasn’t even wearing any scandal-increasing items becuase I don’t have any.

Thanks; I hadn’t seen that thread. However, like the poster in that thread, I’ve never had any items that increas scandal. I guess I’ll submit a support request…

Ooh, I’d like to think that!