Help, I seem to be stuck

Hello, I started playing the game recently, I enjoy it very much, but right now I seem to be stuck on a quest &quot[color=rgb(255, 255, 255)]A state of some confusion&quot - there are two challenges (I’ve succeeded in both), but no way to back out of the quest, no way to progress further and no &quottravel&quot button. Some help maybe?[/color][li]

You need to lower your Nightmares to 0 in order to escape the State of Some Confusion. It’s a menace area, not a quest.

Ah, thanks a lot. Much appreciated.

No problem! Each Menace (Nightmares, Wounds, Scandal, Suspicion) has its own area (Nightmares actually has two - you might want to check it out when you obtain a few Memories of Light), and you can leave all of them after reducing the associated quality down to 0. You’ll be sent to one if the Menace hits 8, so try to keep them under that if you don’t want to visit those places.

Thanks again for the tip. So far, I’m just groping blind ))

Probably the best way to do it, there are a lot of things to discover in Fallen London but please ask any questions and I’m sure anyone will help. Have fun.