Help I am trapped in the Dish & Spoon

So I am brand new to the game. I am liking it and joined up, giving me access to this prison of flint story. I was advancing thru it and got to the point where I had to go find the Knapt in the Dish and Spoon. I entered it and now can’t get out without either some item that gives me recognized by the order vespertine or finding the knapt, which I think is in a drawer that I need 100 watchful to get into. ANd I can’t find anyway to get something that gives me recognized by the order vespertine. Anyone provide any insight into how to get out of this?

The order Vespertine thing is for veteran K&C players who have chosen a specific path so you can’t get that in the Dish and Spoon. But, if I remember correctly, going to the training floor gets you something that helps you open that drawer
edited by reveurciel on 12/23/2015

Thank you! I thought I had already done that. no wonder I felt stuck!