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first of all hi,
Ok so here’s the background, I’ve been playing for 3earth days, I’ve used around 50 actions. I’ve read loads on this forum including the advice to newcomers thread. I’ve never played any game of this type before, I stumbled across fallen london by accident, whilst randomly surfing the net following an operation enforced lethargy. Atm I am slightly hooked but totally lost. I seem to just be randomly clicking either my attribute released options or opportunity cards with no clear idea of what I should be trying to achieve . I have already ended up stuck in some nightmare land and worked my way out of it. I have stuff in my inventory but have no idea if I should use it ,sell it or what. I spent a day turning cards in my lodgings, was invited to lady ones road by a certain constable and have spent a day here doing the same. Should I just travel and exploe other areas, stay put. Really am lost. Broad advice please on initial goal of this game. Sorry to bother you all with something so mundane. Regards pierre

Approaches vary. I would say that just wandering around and seeing what you find is as valid an approach as any. Eventually a story will appear that you want to follow - follow it. And then another - follow that too. If you reach a point in the story where you need an item and don’t have it, and can’t work out how else to get it, then you might sell some of your things in order to buy it. Or … not.

I know that doesn’t sound helpful, probably - but really, I just wanted to reassure you that you are probably no more lost than the developers wanted you to be. The whole game is about making choices - so just … make choices and see what happens. You can’t really go wrong.

Eh, sort of difficult to answer this in less than two walls of text… the game is basically designed to open up more and more gameplay the further you play into it - and it’s still being expanded, so there is no definite goal to achieve (yet). Since you just mention the Forum’s Advice to Newcomers thread, the Wiki’s Beginners Guide might be helpful to you.

Also, you definetly should travel and explore - don’t be afraid to try out whatever catches your interest, you cannot ruin your game this way. You will just find more and more stuff to do the longer you play it, so just go out there and see what you may find - it’s the way it is meant to be played.

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Welcome, DELICIOUS friend.:)

There is no rule regarding how to play the game, let your instincts guide you, play the storylet that interests you, if you ask me.

You can sell almost anything for echoes, but as the guide recommended, you better sell those items that you can grind them repeatedly. Gears are highly recommended (especially those +5/+4 items, they are most economical), but besides that, there is not much thing that worth spending echoes on before becoming a Person of Some Importance.

Greetings, newcomer.

Do what interests you. You’ll find that certain areas tend to deliver challenges that cater to certain attributes. You’ll gradually be able to open up new areas as you increase your attributes and do other things. Be explore, try new things, succeed at some, fail at others.

As far as whether or not to sell stuff, I tended to be a packrat and not sell much of anything, and that paid off later, but that might have slowed me down earlier on, so it’s really up to you.

Greetings, fellow novice.
Most of the time, it’s a good idea to sell anything you have more than 1000 of, or upcraft it. in addition, check the wiki to see how it’s useful- some items, like the bat you get from sulky bat’s oppurtunity card, are vendor trash. for instance, headful of picaresque tales has no value besides collectability and selling for 12 and a half echoes. it’s also a good idea to ensure you have at least one item for each slot and type (watchful, persuasive, shadowy and dangerous.) if you want money fast, focus on one stat for a while, so that you have profitable options in that one, but if you’d rather, just explore the game and see what it has to offer. each of the ambitions offers a peice of equipment, so when you choose one, you might want to work on it.
also, if you want some money, i can give you a couple batches of 30 first city coins, which sell for a quarter echo each (though if you chose the heart’s desire ambition, you might want to hold onto some instead, as you’ll need 77 later, and they can be a bit of a pain to get unless you have connections to the masters. still, selling them can be quite profitable- a whole batch trades for 7.5 echoes, which is probably good for how far you are into the game.)
if you want them, send me a calling card, and mention the coins.
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I quite like the idea that during an in-game stroll through Ladybones Road, one might encounter a wide variety of terrified-looking simpletons, holding out the contents of their pockets and piteously squealing &quotHelp me! What do I do&quot at sophisticated looking passers-by.

Anyway, there is some good advice in this thread. I assure you that like pretty much everyone else who plays this game I went through the same phase of not knowing what on earth I was doing. It’s great, and you will really enjoy discovering how the game works and becoming more familiar with the various stories and characters.

The next time I draw the relevant card I will send you a Surprise Package as an apology for calling you a simpleton by implication!