Help Breaking it Off with the Spouse?

I just found myself in possession of a new &quotenhancement&quot and I’m looking for Rubbery love. The problem is that I’m still espoused to somebody, and I can’t be caught cheating. How do I break it off with my old spouse and replace them with somebody more…flexible?

I’m pretty sure that you can’t divorce players right now. You’ll probably have to contact Failbetter directly. Oh, and make sure you cash in your Society connections first - they don’t approve of tentacle porn :P

You didn’t say that you were espoused to another player and if not you can get divorced.

If you are married to another player you can’t divorce; if you are only engaged you can break off the engagement (in your lodgings); if you are married to a NPC I think you can find the storylet to divorce them in the Bazaar. Sidestreets.

Yup. You should be able to separate from NPCs. It’s only players that you can’t presently divorce from.

that’s time then.