Hello. Desperately seeking some help...

I am an RPG Virgin. Shhhhhh, it’s a secret. I am also a bit Stuck, frustrated and recently ‘Raging Mad’. My map has disappeared, I can’t find my way home to my lodgings, I’m stuck at The Carnival in an ever decreasing circle of ‘Drinking at the Fountain’ and Opportunity Cards, oh and The Bizaar says ‘Regrettably, there is no access to the Bazaar from your current location’.
What am I doing wrong? or Not Doing Right? (there is plenty of scope here for a ditzy Fallen London newby!)
Does anyone have any ideas they could share?
Many felicitations

By the sound of it you have entered A State of some Confusion. You will need to reduce your nightmares to 0 to get back to London.

If you were looking into mirrors at the Carnival it can be quite easy to end up there or on a Slowboat playing chess with death. The Carnival can be a perilous place

You have entered one of the menace zones - there’s one for each of the four menaces (Madness for Nightmares, Death for Wounds, Exile for Scandal, Prison for Suspicion). You’re sent there when one of those menaces reaches 8.

You’re at the Royal Bethlehem Hotel - Fallen London’s most luxurious asylum for the insane.

Just keep doing that carousel at the fountain - as soon as your Nightmares are back to zero, you’ll return to London proper.

As Lady Ciel said, the House of Mirrors at the Carnival is dangerous: there’s one mirror which kills you instantly, another makes you mad instantly - that’s probably what happened to you.

Generally, the menace zones aren’t very bad - they can be fun even, and you can always escape from them.

In menace zones (and oversees, but that’s still a way off for you) you don’t have access to the Bazaar or items from your inventory, of course. You can still equip different outfits though - if you have a goldfish for example, equipping it now will reduce your Nightmares by one and get you out of the Royal Beth even faster.

Thank-you lady ciel and phryne. Your support has offered much succor in my hour of need. I have persevered on my roundabout of madness and am out and home.
Many thanks and supliciants to your generous souls.
I have learnt from your wisdom.

Some more beginner’s advice: put the link to your profile in your signature, and leave a comment on threads inviting to social actions. Other players will prove surprisingly helpful at lowering menaces and getting Second Chances (that let you optionally reroll a Watchful, Persuasive, Dangerous, or Shadowy check).