Hedonist 9...

I’m at The Empress’ Court,and I wish to conclude my affair with The Barbed Wit and The Acclaimed Beauty. Together. I’m facing some issues with the requirements though. Ca someone tell me the fastest way to get my Hedonist to 9? Its currently at 7,and I’d rather not use Laudanum,although I will if I have to.[li]

Tomb colonies is a good way, but you might end up halving your Austere when you leave. Plus, it takes a lot of actions to get out. You might be better off using laudanum. Perhaps someone else has a better idea?

Mr Wines is Having a Sale will give you a boost if you don’t mind parting with your Romantic Notions.

Best way I’ve found is using laudanum until your habit hits 3, then flip cards till you get A Day Without Laudanum often enough to reduce it. Rinse and repeat. I’m currently at Hedonist 15 using that method.

Mr Wines’ sale, as well as partying at the Handsome Townhouse both are very effective (Handsome Townhouse goes up to 9, so perfect for you). Also, becoming intimate with the Sardonic Music-Hall Singer (basically, sleeping with her) adds to it too, although it costs you a little bit of her admiration unless you have a rare success.

Thank you everyone. I want to finish that storyline as soon as possible.so I guess I’ll just go with laudanum.

I’ve mostly gotten mine up through honey and flirting with anything that moves in the cards. That’s an excellent way to raise Scandal as well, though.