[Heart's Desire Spoiler (?)] I Must Ask...

Like I said, possibly major Heart’s Desire spoiler. So turn away if that’s your thing.

Continuing on, I remember when the most recent content patch for it came out. I immediately jumped on it, and did as much as I could. One particular portion I found really awesome; persuading a Master of the Bazaar. They had so much, it felt great to have the idea of convincing one. So, I eventually convinced one (I cannot for the life of me remember who it was), by purchasing a Sixth City; which appeared to be Paris.

However, while talking with a friend, I went through all Reminiscence text of the ambition; and couldn’t find a single word of this event occurring. But I distinctly remember doing this. Does anybody else remember doing this, or has the Neath finally gotten to my senses?
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Firstly, you can spoiler-tag content by putting [spoiler[ at the beginning and [/spoiler[ at the end (reverse the end bracket, though).

Secondly, I haven’t played Heart’s Desire, but you might be thinking of one of the more recent Exceptional Stories, which dealt with the purchasing of a Sixth City.

Sadly, the Neath hasn’t gotten to me that badly. I still have the acquirement requirements set as a plan in my Plans. I can screencap that if that would be interesting to see.

Thank you Kivrin. It isn’t in any of my reminiscences of my Ambition, so I was afraid something had gone terribly wrong somewhere. I think I’m gonna keep that action pinned as a Plan, as my personal reminiscence.

I think the problem here is that, as players, we can echo only results but in your case, you pinned the storylet as a plan, which can’t be echoed. The result from choosing the option to

make Mr Pages (the Seventh Player) think that you’re planning the arrangement of the purchase of Paris as the Sixth City

is rather opaque when seen after the fact:


Just to be clear, you aren’t doing that thing. You’re making the Seventh Player think you’re doing that thing.

Here’s a link to the thread from when the last Heart’s Desire update came out. There might be other info helpful to you in there somewhere:


Nah. I was talking about the reminiscing on an Ambition, from your profile, it’ll talk about everything you’ve accomplished.
I figured getting the seventh player would be significant enough to document in the ambition.