Hearing Things... or am I?

I was just wondering how to increase my ‘hearing things or am I’ quality in the Vake quest. I’ve been drinking the black absinthe but that just seems to raise my shadowy, danger and wounds.

Is it opportunity cards? Because I’ve been playing them too and nothing has come up so far. Does anybody know?

It is mostly opportunity cards, yes. Most of them will require the absinthe, though some red-bordered cards will also raise it slightly. Just as a warning, you will want to get it higher than just 4 before you progress; challenges will be based on this quality further down the road.

But nothing relevant is coming up! Is there somewhere I need to be or something I need to do, to make sure I get relevant opportunity cards?

No, it’s just a matter of luck. If you want those cards to turn up more often you’ll want to disqualify yourself for as many other cards as you can.

Seconding the “raise your hearing things higher than four” advice. Really go for a higher level. I did not know this. I had fuuuunnnn…