Heading North - Everything Must Go

Okay! I’m cutting it off now. Between here and Tumblr, I have many requests. Here are the people I have listed for the forum:

Dom Scorp
Vavakx Nonexus
Blaine Davidson
Catherine Raymond
Hark DeGaul
Robin Alexander
Sir Joseph Marlen

Mathaussen and Fitz, you both also commented but didn’t say whether you wanted a package, so you’re not on my list. If you had meant to say you did want one, please say so ASAP, and I’ll add you. I’ve bought a tiny bit more Fate to send all these out, since I got some more requests on Tumblr already.

Absimilliard, you were the first to ask for just the card. If you can find some way of getting up the necessary points of Seeking by the end of the day, I’ll give it to you.

I’d love to receive one as well. Thank you!

Has the card been taken? Could I receive it?

They came to me shortly after midnight, a trio of street signs and a tiny journal, slightly crisped by fire and discoloured by saltwater. I do not know what Galatea LaChance had thought she could gain from such items. Perhaps the trio of metal plaques, records of long forgotten names, were reminders of the importance of the Name she sought. Perhaps, before her quest consumed her, they held sentimental value. Certainly the three held monetary value. A ragged man in the Forgotten Quarter took them off my hands for a few echoes and a tale.

The book was something more peculiar. A diary. Its front page bore an adress that I can neither quite remember nor record, and as it twisted on it recounted the miserable tale of a once exemplary individual torn apart by obsession. Many times I have considered finishing what someone once began and casting the book upon a fire, or into the sea…

I keep it by my bed.

(Thank you very much! Street Signs are such a hard to come by commodity, and very welcome for Ambition: Light Fingers players like myself!)
edited by Hark DeGaul on 7/9/2016

Okay, I have sent surprise packages to everyone who requested before the cut off, except for:

Dom Scorp
Vavakx Nonexus

Both of you are currently not in the city, and thus unavailable. I will be heading North at around 11pm Eastern Time tonight - about 2.5 hours from now. I will check again before I go to see if you’re available, but my ship leaves then, and I won’t be back.

[quote=Galatea LaChance]Whatever lies in the box, you’re welcome to it, darling. It could be jewels, it could be rats, it might be nothing, it might be your soul. I have collected rather a lot of junk over the years. I just truly do not care about any of it anymore. I’m done with this city. Do what you like with whatever you find, and enjoy it, petal. Enjoy whatever time you have left. A reckoning is due, and I’m going to welcome it in with style. Bon soir, bonne chance.[/quote]The weight of the box gave me a pretty good idea of what I might be in for. Cautiously, I doused myself with water before opening the gift. And indeed: 18 Correspondence Plaques inscribed with fiery symbols were stacked neatly inside! Even dripping wet as I was my eyebrows started feeling uncomfortably hot - and I had barely glanced at the top plaque!
I decided that a closer study of these would have to wait until another day, when I’m a more accomplished Scholar. Soon! Soon I will know!

[Thank you, that brought me 1 CP closer to SotC 10! :)]

Thank you so much! Farewell, ill-advised voyager!

A muffled knock at the door, as always. The postmen frequented your stoop with regularity, though the handwriting differed from your usual correspondent.

This package was light for its weight, and soundless when you picked it up. By now, you could hear the clink of diamonds and bottles by touch alone, but this…was not one you had seen in some time. A knife, a cut, and the brown paper was open.

A dozen, no, not quite - ten scraps of soft surface silk. The true silk, not the false spider spun found down here. You read the note again - how long had this laid in wait? Had this been a treasured gown, remembrances of a wedding past? Or a memento of someone now long gone? Well. You at least, will imagine and remember.

Something Forbidden! Six aged Street Signs and a single erotic poem – one page’s worth – unedited, unexpurgated, un-stamped!

Thank you Galatea, it was perfect.

A fine vintage of Broken Giant 1844, with a suitable year of absinthe and a reliable Greyfields sporing. It may have been odd that each bottle was fondly wrapped in silk, as if once meant for another more familiar individual, and the note left with them speaking of a coming doom was a slight disturbance to the usual London evening. Nonetheless, a fine selection of liquors indeed! A toast to our generous friend, and to all who Seek the Name!

Apologies to anyone who didn’t get a package. I couldn’t wait any longer. Now she has gone North, and none shall know what it is she found there.

Goodnight, you crazy bastard. And flights of masters sing thee to thy rest. Any chance you’ll tell us what their Question quality was?
edited by Sir Joseph Marlen on 7/10/2016

Shh. I’ll never tell.

I am in the same boat with you, Robin, but I wasn’t expecting a box, anyway. I now know that both sender and receiver have to be in London to post a box, which is odd, because it ought to just be sitting in my mailbox… sometimes, the mechanics are counter-intuitive.
While it would be ludicrous to wish Galatea “bonne chance” in return, I can always resort to Latin and offer “ave atque vale.”

– Mal

Oh dear, I didn’t realize the sender also still had to be in London for a package to be accepted. That is odd. Very sorry to those of you who have phantom packages sitting there forever.