Having trouble with "Work on Spec"

Evening all.

I’m trying to choose writer as my profession, so obiviously this involves making use of the Literary Ambitions storylet. However, no matter how many times I undertake a commission, the &quotWork on Spec&quot card never seems to pop up. My persuasive attribute is about 33, much higher than the necessary 10.

Is there some other condition that I have yet to meet? Perhaps I’ve already unlocked it (I can’t recall) in which case would anyone be able to tell me what location the &quotWriter’s Desk&quot storylets take place in?

Thank you all for your time.

Well, I just checked on a Persuasive 200 character at the end of the Persuasive Tracker and Work on spec isn’t showing up for me either. I’m not sure what it requires at the moment.

The place to start writing a short story was moved out of Literary Ambitions to normal Veilgarden, I think. Does it appear there?

Ah, so that’s what happened to it! The Writer’s Desk is down near the bottom of the storylet list, and requires Name Signed with a Flourish 3. I figured it might’ve been somewhere else, but the game’s too slow for me to look around much right now.

Just checked Veilgarden, not seeing it. Hmm. I suppose I’ll have to increase Name Signed with a Flourish then.