Have i messed up?

So let me put it simple for you folks, i done diddly f**ked up. I was in Veilgarden mindin my own business when i saw the strikingly beautiful artist. i talked to her, i stalked her, i slid into her dm’s, and did all the lovely things people do when they are courting each other. however because this courting process involved a lot of spam clicking, i made the god awful idiotic noob-like mistake of accidentally spreading a rumor about her. I can no longer talk to her, and have no options to talk to her again. Is there a way to fix this? or am i royally screwed. Thank you ladies gentlemen, squids, and people of indistinct gender.

I thought checking the singing mandrake again would let you restart it? Either way, if you have “an admirer of beauty” as a quality you can get some better stats and do it again.

No, that happens way later in the game.

You will meet the young lady again, later in the game. I’m sure she won’t hold a grudge over this little incident.

If it is just the female artist’s model, you are fine. You will meet her later on.

If it is the male artist… I suggest you delete your account and restart and make a note to have nothing to do with him ever again. You are royally screwed in that case.
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Don’t say that without explaining why. That’s just overdramatic.

The reason why is that he adds a card to your opportunity deck that’s pretty completely useless.

To be honest I’d argue you’re only ever royally screwed if you chose to pick this Destiny. ;)

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Not sure why Mr. Artist gets all the hate…the Artist’s Model’s card is just as annoying.

At least the Artist will sleep with you again :P

The Model’s card isn’t actually harmful, and eventually you can remove it from your deck.

The card is bad, of course, but I don’t particularly optimize my deck enough to care that much.

It just bugs me that his card is completely negative, and his story never goes anywhere while other characters you met at the time grow and change. It is one of the longest-lasting menace a player can encounter yet is not acknowledged as so by the game - heck, even all these &quotWeeping Scars&quot and &quotStains on your Soul&quot and &quotEyeless Skulls&quot provide less annoyance, can be removed and provide ample warning beforehand, and serve a purpose.

The Honey-Sipping Heiress doesn’t change, but she keeps away from the player.

Well, you can cure this menace by living at a Remote Address. But yeah, it’s rather distasteful that there is no other solution.