Have correspondence stones changed?

In the past, I recall getting the correspondence stone in the ruins not being a big deal- just a grind. Now, I’m forgetting how I got it in the first place, and nothing is looking familiar. How do I go after it now?

There is an expedition for them now. (The Tomb of the Seven)
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Now that I’ve got them, I’ve been doing the investigation missions that go with them. I’m not hitting anything that gives me ‘scholar of the correspondence’ any more, though. Watchful is at 81, I have the stone, I do the investigation… What am I missing?

I don’t know if it’s changed in the past few weeks, but when I last ran it, you didn’t get the quality from the Investigation, you got it from the standalone “The secrets of the stones” storylet.

Any idea how to get that? I’ve been trying everything I know in the quarter, and every storylet I have… Is it a card? Because I’m not finding anything in the Quarter that seems to lead to this.

I was having the same trouble after I got the stones. You actually need to get through one other storylet before you can access &quotThe Secrets of the Stones.&quot It’s &quotThat Devil Woman is Back!&quot Once you’re successful with that storylet, you’ll gain the quality ‘Engaged in a War of Antiquities,’ and that will open up the storylet that you need in order to become a Scholar. Cheers![li]
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Thank you so much! Realized my watchful was too high to get that storylet, so I dropped down a bit. Seems to’ve done the trick! Thank you!

well hello. sorry for necro-ing an old topic again, but i recently bought back my lost correspondence stones(orignally sent them to the tomb colony) from some shady librarian at the university. cost me quite a bit of brandy.

is there any further or future uses for the stones? the only place i could use them is in the the forgotten quarters; in the &quotUnderstanding the Correspondence&quot storylet, under an option to sleep with them. all that does is give a relatively low amount of 40X cryptic secrets and a nightmare increase. failure gives 1 appalling secret and nightmares too. and i had to equip a talkative rattus to get my watchful low enough to see that storylet again.

did i just waste my brandy(worth 87.5 echos if sold) on a useless memento/paperweight???
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Yep! To be fair, it’s possible they’ll get more uses in the future.

I think that’s just a storylet to let you grind watchful high enough to become a Scholar of Correspondence. Currently that step requires having the Stones and a watchful of… 80?

But given that you CAN get it back, it’ll probably be needed for some future storylet

so far i’ve only read about the stones being used in a house of chimes storylet. i would love to visit house of chimes again but i seem to be having technical issues with buying nex from a cell phone.