Haunted House

Somewhat urgent enquiry here. I want to do a Fallen London/sunless sea themed haunted house, Halloween decor, party. I have no idea where to start. Any ideas? I have a tiny house/huge yard. If anyone can think of anything I would greatly appreciate it! Also, if anyone shares my hometown and wants to help or come that would be lovely (if I can figure out how to create the Fallen London atmosphere). I live in Houston, Texas. Please let me know if anyone has any ideas!

Ooh, I like this! Time to let my fangirl imagination run wild! It’s a pity I can’t have a Fallen London party too, because my family always attends a relative’s Halloween party.
First thought: FOOD! Go full Mr. Hearts and make some fake (or real) organ meats. Maybe try to make a version of Rubbery Lumps, too. And mushrooms. Lots of different kinds. It’s also possible to make mushroom wine from pine mushrooms; even though there are commercial suppliers, it seems it only comes from North Korea. Best to make your own, if you want some…
Second thought: Dress code. Definitely have everyone dress in Victorian costume. If they want to be Rubbery or Clay Men, or Snuffers, or some other humanoid creature, they can add that onto their suits or dresses. Maybe dress up as Mr. Wines yourself - you could call the party a revel. (Now that I think about it, that’s an awesome idea.)
Third thought: activities. &quotLizard&quot-throwing! Dice! Chess! The Marvellous! Bat-related games! Pass the Cat?! You say your yard is large; do you have a pool? If so… fishing for Strange Catches!
Good luck and happy par- no - revelling!
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Hmmm rather than try to recreate the whole of Fallen London, it might be easier to get specific with decor. Make your home a gleaming salon, or make the exit to your yard a dock and your yard the Unterzee. Get inflatable shark pool toys and crisscross black electrical tape over their mouths for cages!
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Hey, don’t forget the taste of your guests. Can’t offer much, but I’d suggest you can try the Sunless Sea soundtrack and see if some of them are good background track? Khan’s Heart, Fluke’s Fathom. Can get cheesy played out loud, but that’s what Halloween for?