Harmless spider council

I managed to stab me a spider council, however i found them to be pretty harmless.[li]
Discussing the Correspondence with it was kind of annoying due to some spider scratches and asorted bites, however that is to be expected in my opinion.

I cannot understand however why there are rumours around that these rare beasts would send one to the boatman.

This is a bug report…well bugs i suppose, it’s hard to tell with that one.[/li][li]
edited by Pinguinus on 9/6/2013

I did notice that the “talk to the spider-council about the Correspondence” story had changed to a skill check, when it used to be an insta-kill, but I hadn’t dared tried it to see what happens now.

I only found out after checking if other people have had more success in the matter.

The description of what happens if you pick the choice seems pretty much in tone with something that would send one to the tomb colonies (if lucky).[li]

edited by Pinguinus on 9/6/2013

Have you sent a report to ebbugs@failbettergames.com?

Not sure if this was intended or not however i did submit a bug report just now. We’ll see what comes of it.

So those of us who are up in the 200’s won’t get this option again? I wouldn’t mind it.

This insta-kill is the reason I cannot return to the Surface anymore. I have developed a strong dislike of spider councils.