Hallowmas Confessions 2014

Confessions are now able to be shared in that most ancient Feast of Masks tradition. Returning to your Lodgings allows one to seek out the sins of others or deal with those confessions collected in years past. This topic’s purpose is to bring together sinners and confidants, ensuring that all may gain dark (or at least mildly murky) secrets of their fellow Londoners…

To start, I would be happy to share my sins with those who might wish to harvest them. Feel free to add me and partake of my terrible tales of suspicion and scandal…

[color=rgb(255, 153, 0)]MOD EDIT: If you’re looking for more partners for confessions, people are connecting via social media at these links:
Tumblr: click here
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I am also available. Currently for the Scandal/Suspicion/Nightmare options but I’m going to be building menaces throughout the festival

EDIT: Profile - http://fallenlondon.storynexus.com/Profile/Apollo~Fireweaver
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Available for any and all (though Impropriety is preferred. I’ll try to keep all my menaces up but Scandal is the easiest by far.)

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Likewise available: Colin Sapherson the (player) name. Unusually, I’m pretty menacing at the moment.

This topic should really be Singing Mandraked, shouldn’t it?

I will probably end up spending all of my actions for the next week on getting enough menace to keep up with a massive backlog of confessions, but i will still totally blab all my secrets everywhere anyway

My, do I have secrets to share with all and any!

Esther and Juniper are particularly heavy with menaces, and would benefit from your attentions.

Mr Names will be readily for available for those that want to taste a Master’s dreams and sins.

Whimsy and Impropriety is where it’s at.
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I am available for Confession, a PosI, and will do my best to keep my menaces up.
(Scandal will be the easiest, it appears)
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Last night! I’ll try to stay available throughout the entire night, though it’s becoming evident that I won’t have enough actions to accept them all before Failbetter locks the confession request actions. However, I recall others being able to accept requests even after the options to send them have closed, so with any luck that will remain the case. Keep those confessions coming if you like your odds. Feel free to gossip about my confession!

My other accounts (Delmar Tramontane, Madison Lavery, and Gloria Marie Valdez) are still accepting confessions, and they don’t have a queue to work through. I would very much appreciate it if you sent requests their way so they aren’t idling for the rest of this portion of the event. Thank you!

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I am happy to share confessions with anyone, I will try and keep my menaces high to do so.

At your service.

Always for Scandal, nearly always for Whimsy.
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I’m available as well!


I am a POSI and have all my menaces above 3.

I am definitely open for this as well!

Edit: Just so you know, Mathieu is a POSI, so I’ll try to keep up the menaces for confessions of Pride/Whimsy as well.
Further Edit: Most likely the confession will be whimsy rather than pride, just so you know.
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Willing to confess - I am PoSI and I’ll try to keep my menaces high enough.

Likewise, having returned from an extended absence in Polythreme, you will find Ambrose Ashton Smith more than happy to hear your confessions (and also invade your salons and provide adequate company at other times as well).

Available for anything. Hearing confessions or giving them.

Just try not to invade during evening tea.

Happy to confess and get confessions! Also a PoSI, will try to be hurt, slightly mad, suspicious and scandalous.

Ladies, Gentlemen and Others,

I will listen like a pastor and sing like a bird.

My Menaces will be kept high and yes, I do have an entry in Slowcake’s.

I will try and keep my menaces up for all and sundry who would like to confess.