Hallowmas Attend a special Lecture?

I’ve burned about 40-60 actions churning airs of london. Do I need to have a certain amount of nightmares or Hellfarer or anything? I want to sell my freaking soul here and no one will even offer me the ability to buy it lol.

Or is it on What Profit?

IIRC it should be one of the options on the storylet “Attract a Visitor to Hallowmass”. I only saw it once, and I’ve cycled that storylet a moderate amount, so it’s not one of the common options. I haven’t seen What Profit since Hallowmass started so couldn’t speak to it.

It’s definitely on the Attract a Visitor at Hallowmas storylet, between 30-35 Airs of London, as I recall. So you’re unlucky, but not inordinately so.
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If you ever find out how to do it mal, I’d love a PM with details. My soul is simply burning to be set free

You need watchful 200 btw, and it costs 7 Fate. Just in case anyone is milling Airs for something they can’t use.

Does it need to be a base 200 Watchful, or can it be reached including items?

Including items

Oh goody!