Half-Full Tinctures of Vigour before PoSI

I’ve read that one should accumulate F.F. Gerbandt’s Tincture of Vigour Half-Full before becoming a PoSI. Why is this?

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They used to reduce Wounds more effectively than the full Tinctures for POSI, but that’s no longer the case.

Once you are POSI though you don’t have the option to just drink half a full bottle of tincture of vigour so have to use a full bottle unless you have some half bottles lying around. I don’t know how many cps of wounds are cured using either of them.

I think it’s 2 CPs for full bottles, and 1 CP for a half bottle, which means that half bottles are now quite the timewaster for PoSI. Not worth stockpiling at all.

Having been POSI for quite some time now, I’ve got to agree that Gebrandt longer makes the Tincture like they used to. Though I do like how the collection looks in my curiosities cabinet, and if you’re a hoarder–I mean, completionist–like myself, it’s worth having a few, I think.
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