Gunnerkrigg Court

Has anybody here ever read it? While the setting is different (but not so much), the atmosphere is definitely bazaar-esque, and it is also based on a complex web of secrets that become unveiled bit by bit during the various chapters. The first chapters are maybe a bit rough on the character design, but the art improves quickly. It got me hooked since more than a year now _

'tis my very favourite webcomic. Unfortunately though, the pacing is a little slow when read one page at a time as it updates. Nevertheless it isn’t often a webcomic displays both art (in the later strips anyway) and writing of such a caliber.

In fact when I reached the boundary of published pages, at first I went to the site around once a month to have some pages to read together. Then on and on I started growing impatient, so now I’m just reading it as it comes out O_o (good thing that Tom Siddell is regular in updates! For example, on this issue lately Order of the Stick is… Temperamental, to say the least :( )