Guidance in Seeking Lore (Possible Spoilers)

I have been playing the browser game regularly for about six months now (started playing seriously back in April), and I feel like I have explored a good amount of content in that time. In spite of that, I feel like I have been missing out on a lot of the background lore, as it’s presented in the game. I have played Sunless Sea, and checked out saint-arthur, but I’d rather learn about the story through the browser game. I was hoping the community could point me in the right direction for what stories are linked to specific topics. I am open to buying Fate-locked content.

(If anything here can be considered spoilers, they would be located below)

Here is a rough summary of my primary character’s progress -

Watchful and Dangerous - I am reaching the end of the Jack of Smiles Case
Persuasive - I am known at the Foreign Office, and have served several successful terms in Port Carnelian
Shadowy - I am nearing the end of the Affair of the Box (I think)
Heart’s Desire - Almost at the limit I believe, I’m about to go somewhere the Urchins told me about.
Notable Fate-locked stories I’ve tried out (and enjoyed) - Flute Street, Theological Husbandry, the first three Exceptional Friends stories (the Marsh House, the Cats, and the one about July as I recall).
I also have two alternates that I made specifically for playing Nemesis and Light Fingers, but they’re not very far along yet.

Some lore topics I’m interested in learning more about -

  • The true nature of the Bazaar, it’s history, what it’s doing in the Neath, it’s relationship to the Masters, etc.
  • The Masters themselves, their individual personalities, their plans, and so on. I’m guessing the end of the Box storyline will reward me with some juicy bits here.
  • All things related to dreams, Parabola, and those that dwell behind mirrors.
  • Snuffers. I’m pretty sure I remember the Plaster Face story involving these, and I stopped playing that one so I could grind Secluded Addresses.
  • The Revolutionaries, the Liberation of the Night, and the Calendar Council.
  • Anything to do with the cavern roof, and the things that live there (or might live there).

Any suggestions for learning more about these in the game would be much appreciated. Just to reiterate, I actually know a fair bit of backstory already, I just want to experience it in the way that the writers of Fallen London meant.

Although I haven’t played it myself, apparently Secrets Framed in Gold contains a lot of lore, but don’t quote me on that.

Aside from that, Theological Husbandry should give you some neat lore about the Bishop’s plan.

If you want to know a little more about the things in the roof, try the Fidgeting Writer if you haven’t already, it’s bits and pieces, but it’s interesting bits and pieces.

I think a lot of the stuff about the nature of the Bazaar and about the revolutionaries/Liberation of Night are in various Destinies. Ambition: Light Fingers has all the stuff about the cavern roof, and when it finally gets its next update

it sounds like we’ll get to actually go there.

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SFiG does indeed address some things close to the heart of the bazaar, but the manner in which this is conveyed is quite elusive; there’s a fair bit of reading between the lines. If you play it I’m happy to talk about it if you’d like; I really enjoyed that one. Further details about the bazaar can be deduced from the
university murder, which you’ve already done. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth watching the play with Lilac at the feast of the Rose when you get the chance, as that’s relevant here. Most of the stuff about the bazaar isn’t ever made explicit, so you have to put things together from the allusions we have.

Affair of the box tells you about two of the masters. All of the ambitions reveal things about different masters too, as does the Jack case. As has been said, the various destinies are very suggestive about the masters, although not definitive.

I believe there’s a bit of parabola stuff with shroud & glass at Mahogany tall. I’m told there’s significant lore in the Dadd Wing story, which isn’t currently available.

For snufflers, I think you want the plaster face & the foreign office, although I’ve not played the latter myself. There’s not a lot about the roof, but Light Fingers has some, and there’s a bit in the affair of the box. Afraid I can’t help with the revolutionaries as I avoid them, but I think the July EF story is pretty informative.

Thank you everyone! That is very helpful indeed. I’ve been debating trying out Secrets Framed in Gold, so I guess now I will. I also haven’t been around for the seasonal content, except for the summer festival.

Sackmas is another good place for learning a little about the masters and the bazaar, actually, both with fate and without. I’d advise getting your scholar of the correspondence to 10 if you haven’t already.

And just do you know, SFiG mostly progresses through cards, and it’s worth echoing stuff as you find it so you can look at all the information as a whole.

Some parabola and bazaar lore is hinted at in the Fate expeditions in the Forgotten Quarter.

Some hints can be found in the Nadir.

A fair amount of obscure parabola references are contained in various dreams (especially Is Someone There?). Roof-relevant lore is accessible via What the Thunder Said and Stormy-Eyed.

Some Exceptional Stories have a fair amount of Parabola/Revolutionary lore (especially Court of Cats and July).

Assorted lore snippets can be gleaned by up- and side-converting various items.

Some Parabola lore is available in one of the coils of the labyrinth.

Good lore is available from different endings of the Trade in Faces Fate story.

That’s off the top of my head, so a bit stream-of-consciousness…