Grubby Kitten help

My Grubby Kitten, Raindrop, has had an Opportunity card come up. One of my options is to introduce her to my newly-gotten Starveling Cat, though I’m warned that [quote=] [This is undoubtedly a terrible idea.] [/quote] It’s a matter of luck and could go either way. Does anyone know what will happen if I do it? Will I lose Raindrop forever?
edited by RageBox Alice on 3/18/2012

I’m not seeing current information on how to do it, but based on similar text coming up in other storylets, I’d imagine it’s only of use to those seeking the Name, either directly or by making them more peckish… and also like those other actions, the warning is quite right: It will be terrible and painful. Losing your pet is a possible consequence, and in fact I may consider you lucky if that’s ALL that happens.

Still… you know, if you’re curious, you can always find out. That’s why those options exist after all, to sate the curiosity of the most foolish.

It is undoubtedly a terrible idea. Nothing good comes of a Starveling Cat. Don’t do it.

It has no additional effects on Seekers, although as may be imagined, this is not a wise course of action.

I won’t risk it. I got the kitten from my Rendezvous on Watchmaker’s Hill with a grubby urchin, an experience I can’t repeat. I don’t want to lose her.

I did this. I didn’t lose either of my cats. It was not a good idea anyway.

Good thing I decided against it anyway. Though it turns out she’s not much for hunting rats, poor mite, since they’re as big as she is.

Remember, if you do lose your kitty, you can always return to Watchmaker’s Hill and get another one right away.

Really? I’ve clicked on the Rendezvous “item” in my inventory, but it does nothing. Does that only work if I don’t have the kitten anymore?

Yes, exactly. So long as you have the Rendezvous but no connection pet, the storylet in Watchmaker’s Hill will appear.

Ah, okay. Thank you!

It’s a terrible thing when the Starveling Cat takes a kitten under its wing.

ooh, that would actually make it worth it; if on a rare success the grubby kitten turned into another starveling kitty