Grinding Watchful for a new profession

Well I just found out that a few new Tier 4 professions were added to the game, and I really want to become a Correspondent[color=rgb(255, 255, 255)] [/color]. Problem is, in order to do so I have to succeed in a very hard Watchful challenge, which means that I need raise my lousy 142 watchful to the cap (and even then, I’ll have less than a 50% chance). [li]

So my question is - Where in the Neath is the best spot for Watchful grinding?[/li][li]
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Forgotten Quarter - Seeking Curios and Secrets, just watch out for nightmares. Even at the cap you are going to have to gamble though. I presume you know the second chance trick, but just in case you don’t, what you do is use a second chance if you fail don’t use it but perhaps not out of the card. This leaves the card in your hand to try again until you succeed. This tip does not work if you have used a Favourable Circumstance to force draw the Unsigned Message card though, or so I’ve heard.

Yeah, you need the card actually in your hand for it to stay. Good luck! I used the second chance trick on an account with only 48 base Watchful (83 with equipment) and now he’s a Correspondent. ^^

Thanks for the spot and the tip! :)

Yes so many people seem to have been lucky with upgrading their profession. I have the Unsigned message, lots of second chances but I can’t seem to be able to get to Notabilty 5. I’ve been stuck at 4 (with a brief drop to 3 when time the healer came) since the new professions became available. Maybe posting this will change my luck and I’ll see Slowcake’s Amanuensis today.

Bah. I can always get an amanuensis for, like, 5 cp making waves? And I can always wait with the grind until I have the unsigned message in my hand (which I now do). It’s the townhouse that doesn’t want to cooperate in my schemes to get 35 levels of waves.

I haven’t got enough Making Waves to force draw him, every time I get over 15 I’ve been gambling. I cashed in my scheme last time I got the Tower of Eyes and still failed. So even if I do get it again I will have to use it to build up my scheme.

I’m with you on this. Highest I’ve achieved is 4 before time has crushed me. So I’ve gambled for speed and always failed. Ho hum. THIS TIME I WILL SUCCEED or … or something threatening will be said.

I’m with you on this. Highest I’ve achieved is 4 before time has crushed me. So I’ve gambled for speed and always failed. Ho hum. THIS TIME I WILL SUCCEED or … or something threatening will be said.[/quote]
Just spam supper requests with someone. That’s what ive been doing for 2 weeks now and im up to 5 notability.[li]

I’ve been grinding suppers (for this and seventy other frankly bizarre ways to begin a sentence, contact Sir Frederick Chook’s Linguistic Oddities & Leopard Oil Co.!)

…er, where was I? I’ve been grinding suppers and hosting Music-Hall Singers all week, and I’m at Notability 4 and Making Waves 31.4. I might make it to 100% odds - I just might! At the very least, since I’ve go MW 30+, I’ll have two cracks with the Amanuensis if Tuesday hits and I’m not quite there. And if I fail both times… well, I’ll probably fold up like a paper lantern, and you can store me in a drawer.

Woot - just gambled again by force drawing with 15 MW, thankyou to everyone who accepted my supper invitation, I’ve now got Notability 5.

I just need to keep trying the unsigned message card, but as I ruined my stats at Hallowmas this might take some time.[li]
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Managed on my second attempt - I am now a Glassman!

Took me three attempts, but thanks to that most excellent second chances tip, I am now a Correspondent. Whew!

OK, so when “bribe the man” says that it increases MW by 1 to 10, I expected up to 10 levels, not up to 10 CPs >:(
But I chanced it at 22 waves (62%) and got to 5. Unsigned message was then a matter of 5 sudden insights in as many action. I now correspond. To something. That part is not very clear.