Grinding Watchful and the Correspondence

So I’m on the threshold of notability 5 and the profession I have my eye on is correspondent. However my scholar of the correspondance is only 7 and to my knowledge the only way to improve it is at the university with the option that requires 170 watchful.

My watchful is 131 unbuffed, if I can get it to 150 I should be good to start grinding correspondence up to 10 for the profession. but so far grinding watchful has been an exercise in tedious nightmare management for not a lot of visible progression. I was wondering if there was an easier way to do this, or am I just going to have to wait for several months grind time before I can tackle the correspondence?

The fastest way of getting Watchful up is to play a lot of chess with other players and spend the Sudden Insights you get. If you still have access to the Empress’ Court you can also write a symphony to raise your Scholar of the Correspondence quality, but this will also take time.

If you have access to the Fate-locked section of the Labyrinth, a Corresponding Ocelot’s Opp Card can prove very helpful up until SotC 10.

The absolute best way to get your watchful up is to go to the University. Once you establish your department and try solving a murder mystery you will build up &quotinvestigation points&quot by trading cryptic clues for 108 whispered secrets and a Sudden Insight. Then, before your Investigation level gets too high run back to the Flit and trade it in for cryptic clues.

Do it right and you will have maxed out your Watchful, gained a limitless supply of Sudden Insights and be rolling in a few thousand whispered secrets which you can use in the Forgotten Quarter to buy supplies for your archaeological activities.

Remember, Talk to the Porters at the University and then go the the Flit and Raid a Message Box when your investigation gets to 5.

edited by Owen Wulf on 4/21/2014

Unfortunately I’ve already done the mystery and been kicked from both the university and the court, and while I’ve been readmitted to the university it almost feels like it wasn’t worth the trouble grinding notes.

I should explain, I played fallen london ages ago and stopped once I became a PoSI because at the time it was a terrible grind for not a lot of a new content and actions had been cut to 10. So I played through the court and university back before there was any real reason not to. A descision I’ve been kicking myself for ever since I started playing again, especially the court.