Grinding Stats at High Levels

Looks like a had my numbers wrong, because now it looks like using 5 x Second Chance to get CPs gives 1-50 CPs and not 1-60 CPs. At least judging by my recent activities:

(5 x Sudden Insight) x 70 -> 1790 CP = ~25.57 CP average, so each Second Chance would be worth about 5 CPs

Up until that last batch the average was stuck slightly below 25, but I got my luck back with 14 attempts that received an average of 28+, saving me from having to explain how the average of 1-50 is 24.8 ;)

Let’s hope that all those double armfuls of recertified scraps turn the same way. Worked for the single armfuls. Eventually. ::

But I’m fine with 61% fortunate results after 59 attempts to feed my Reprehensible Lizard. Keep eating. :)