Grinding: Is Someone There?


I’m trying to grind Is Someone There? in preparation for eventually building a parabolan base camp. However, my previous method (grinding Nephrite Lenses) has stopped working (you can’t use Nephrite Lenses to increase Is Someone There? past 30).

Does anyone else know a way to keep grinding Is Someone There?

Just wait. When the option is available there will be a way to raise it to the necessary level.

Yes, it is now a patience game. Just try to get all the items collected before then. Flute Street is a great source of Direful Reflections.

Really? Could you PM me about how? [I have Flute Street already, maybe they updated without me noticing?]

Really? Could you PM me about how? [I have Flute Street already, maybe they updated without me noticing?][/quote]
I’d also appreciate a PM on this. It’s been a while since I’ve been down to Flute Street.

I would, too!

Can I get that precious piece of information, too?[li]

If you don’t like that idea, try dabbling at Veilgarden. There’s at least one action there that will drop a Direful Reflection as well.[li]

Has anybody worked out if that or the Veilgarden method is better?

In Veilgarden you need The Great Game - Opening Moves 1 , 5 Ruthless or Magnanimous, 10 x Incendiary Gossip, 10 x Maniac’s Prayer, 2 x Extraordinary Implication so that is 11 echoes of items plus the quirk. I suppose magnanimous is easier to grind by healing your friends but you will still need to use actions to get it.
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Veilgarden is good if you have an excess of qualities to burn. Flute Street is a more simple grind, but you will get bored out of your mind sitting in it until you get to 100 reflections.

I already burnt through my quirks doing this. I liked Flute Street when I visited it for my Rubbery Hound and haven’t been down there for a while so that looks best to me.[li]

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BTW, I’ve removed my post on Flute Street.[li]
I’ve meant to send this as a PM (since Flute Street is Fate locked content!) to those who asked and by mistake replied to this thread and have only just noticed.

If anyone is still interested in the details, let me know and I’ll PM them.

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Well, flute street is a sure way, but it is… slow.

On the other hand, it is difficult to grind quirks, since most quirk-gain are capped at some number.

I actually grinded out the material needed to “confess my sins” in veilgarden, and confessed as much as i could (both quirks <5). Now, whenever it happens to me (for example, by healing, gifts, helping a countess with my carriage or donating glim to a poor widow) to have one of those quirks over 5, i go in veilgarden, and confess.

I do think the requirements on establishing a parabola-camp are placeholders anyway.