Grinding Connections without cards

Picture somebody who has been very foolish.
They’ve closed out everything that can be closed, been banished everywhere they can be banished and so forth.

I know that you can get in with the Dutchess, Society and the Bohemians easily enough.

Society: An evening at the duchess’ Salon, Attend and be eridite
Duchess & Bohemians: Entry into the duchess’ Salon, Publish Poetry in praise of the Duchess

It looks like the only place you can get the two factions of the university IS the university, but I am often wrong.

There’s items for most factions to gain you connections at a cost for a small span of time, normally about 10 ranks.

That’s not everybody though, can you help fill in the blank spots?

No cards? That’s pretty difficult for connections, but there are a few other storylet options. You may want to trawl through the bottom of this page:

You can grind Hell, Criminals and Constables by raising Casing and selling information in the Flit. Watchmaker’s Hill has a couple storylets that give Constables CP too, as does the Velocipede Squad (but maybe you locked that).

Public lectures in the Forgotten Quarter give you Revolutionaries, Bohemians, and Society. For Revolutionaries you can also bomb a meeting of financiers with Casing in the Flit, probably faster.

For Docks up to 30 you can get to the end of the Mutton Island carousel and save the ship.

Unless I’m mistaken I think the Benthic & Summerset option under “A colleague with a problem” stays open even if the University is locked, and is the most efficient way to raise those connections anyway.

Church can be raised by breeding a Hound of Heaven, which takes a while since you need a Plated Seal. One of the three Airs-dependent “quick commissions” in Veilgarden also gives a little.

Rubbery Men, probably just Flute Street. Tomb-Colonists… maybe only in the Tomb-Colonies? If only the Widow were actually assisting with an exodus.

For the Widow there are a number of options in Spite, probably the best is attending an audience.

For Urchins, Fun with the Fisher Kings in the Flit: speak softly.

That leaves the Great Game, which is horrible without cards, I think the only option is the Airs-dependent (but around most of the time) option to chat up a tipsy spy in the Singing Mandrake, which gives a whopping 1 CP.

Mrs. Plenty’s Carnival can raise everything except the University factions, Wars of Illusion factions, and Masters to level 10.

If you’ve been kicked out of the University but still have some Benthic connection, you can use the Endowment of a University Fellowship to get your connections back. Unlike the other connection-raising items it requires only level 1 with the relevant faction, and you can also use it to trade some Benthic for Summerset.

It’s not possible to get locked out of the Glass/Shroud connections at this point, but neither are they used for anything other than story progress.

The Masters are hard to get regardless, but grinding the materials for &quotThe special books&quot on &quotA libraryette for Mr Pages&quot is the most reliable way to get it up.
edited by Jeremy Avalon on 7/7/2015

Can you donate expedition findings to the University when kicked out?

No, you cannot. You’ll need to be on good terms with the University to donate your findings to them.