Grinding certifiable scraps

What’s the best way to do so?

Time and Lodgings. Possibly drawing cards in the Flit if you have a lot of Connected: Urchins to burn.

Thanks. Any lodgings in particular to look out for?

All lodgings cards have an option to gain Certifiable Scraps. Most give only one scrap; the Handsome Townhouse gives two, the Brass Embassy room and Royal Beth reservation give three, and the Premises at the Bazaar give four. (Most of the options are stat challenges, with higher reward ones having more difficult challenges.) There’s also the Knife and Candle lodgings but those are currently impossible to get as K&C is on hiatus.

If you don’t have the three four-card lodgings you can get them more cheaply than through the Bazaar itself. The Royal Beth reservation requires 50 Antique Mysteries, best obtained through Thefts of a Particular Character in the Flit, and can be purchased from the A merry gentleman card (the one with Nightmares 5) with Watchful 100. The Bazaar lodgings can be purchased from the legal offices on the Bazaar Sidestreets for 50 Bazaar Permits, also best gained through Thefts of a Particular Character. The Brass Embassy room can be purchased from the Devils faction card for a variety of things.

There are a few other ways to get Scraps. If you draw cards in the Flit, the calling in favours card lets you trade in Connected: Urchins for 20 Scraps and a Bundle of Oddities. Each of the Relicker cards has an option to recertify scraps; the 20-scrap option averages a 1-scrap gain but it’s risky.

There’s also two Fate-locked ways to get scraps. One conclusion each for the Blemmigan Affair and a Trade in Faces adds an option to existing cards which give 1-4 scraps.

Thanks for that, will keep my eyes out for them then.

The Decommissioned Steamer card also provides 2 scraps.

Also, if you have a Sulky Bat its card has a 50% chance of providing 3 scraps (so 1.5 scraps on average).