[color=#C2B280]Sunless Sea is now on Greenlight. This is a soft launch: we’ll start publicising it outside the community on Thursday. The feedback you’ve given us on the beta has been incredibly helpful; we’d like to hear what you think of the Greenlight page, too. And of course we’d love it if you’d vote for us or mention it to other people, because this will decide whether Sunless Sea gets on Steam. We’ve also made a new video for the occasion, which you can view on the page.

One more thing: some people have asked us if we’ll be distributing Steam keys to backers. If we get Sunless Sea through Greenlight, we’ll give them to everyone who backed us at the £10 level or above.[/color]
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On it, guv’nor.


I really should work, I’m late on my schedule, who’s gonna miss my one comment anyway, but the game deserves it so much, I guess I can give it a try, may I be d–ned, let’s see, where do i start, how exactly did I just write all this already, alright this is definitely the longest comment in all of greenlight, will do.

I’ve shared the Greenlight page.

[color=#C2B280]We’ve now launched formally and begun to shout about it. If anyone would like to join us, well, that would be wonderful. The soft launch has gone very well, but there’s some way to go yet before we break the top 100.[/color]

Just upvoted and shared the Greenlight page. Really like the video.

We should really start recording some of these comments somewhere. Some of them are comic gold. I’m still giggling over the &quotSteamboat Willy&quot one.[li]
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Oh crap, that bit at 1:31 of the video made me wet 'em! I really really really really hope that is a reflection of actual gameplay. Really really!

[color=#009900]It’s not gameplay-ready right now, but yes, it’s under development. Slated very tentatively for the end May update, but we’ll see how we get on.[/color]

Oh, meye!

Up-voted and shared =D

I can’t upvote because I haven’t purchased a game yet and I can’t (won’t) purchase a game because Sunless Sea isn’t available there yet.

Progpen, downloading a free game (such as Team Fortress 2 or Warframe) via Steam will net you the same priveleges.

Thank you Snowskeeper. Tried that, but didn’t work. I’ll try again later.

Ehy, progpen, I sent you a free steam code for Cavestory+

Shared, upvoted, and Cavestory is delightful.


‘This game has been Greenlit by the community’ - HIP HIP HURRAH! HIP HIP HURRAH! HIP HIP HURRAH!

Yay! Mushroom wine all around, everyone!