Great, I accepted a box of 10 delights....

And… … how do I open it? Does it show up as an event card or what?

I don’t see any option to do so at my lodgings…

It opened automatically and the Fate was immediately added to your total. You never actually have it in your inventory.

Perhaps your Fate increased without needing to open anything. Do you have any extra Fate?

No. I guess it’ll just take a bit to update… its been 49 minutes though…
edited by Ch Ko on 2/17/2012

Have you tried logging out then back in?

Yep. I also tried switching browsers (IE9 and Google Chrome)

I see. Well, then you should probably send a bug report to . They’ll be happy to sort you out.

Problem resolved now :D. I’m going to guess that “What gift could be more splendid than a Box of Ten Delights? [This will gift 11 Fate to a friend of your choice.]” is just a typo or something old that wasn’t updated, since the box only seems to convey 10 fate.