Grand proposal of marriage eligibility

It looks like there’s either a bug, or a poorly worded description for an action.

I was aiming to make, as a PoSI, a grand proposal of marriage to a non-PoSI player.

The action says &quotPropose marriage to another player, even if they are a Person of Some Importance.&quot

I’m reading this &quoteven if they are&quot as &quotit does not matter if they are&quot. At least it sounds like that to me.

However, it seems like the other person must be a PoSI to be eligible. Simple proposal lists the person correctly.

So which is it? A bug, or an ambiguous description?

No, it depends on the status of the one you are proposing to.

If your future spouse is not PoSI, they will only be eligible for the simple proposal.

If your future spouse is already PoSI, they will only be eligible for the grand proposal.

Your own status does not affect anything.

Then it would probably be best to change the text to a less confusing one, like

&quotPropose marriage to another player, if they are already a Person of Some Importance&quot


&quotPropose marriage to another player who is a Person of Some Importance&quot

Oh well, I’ll have to use that Recommendation elsewhere now…

Yep, those lines are inaccurate… but it’s worth noting that the text received by the recipient of the proposal is EXACTLY THE SAME whether you made a Simple Proposal or a Grand Proposal. So if it WAS possible to make either to a non-PoSI… there’d be no way for him or her to TELL which it was. Which, if you ask me, is a bit… cheap. A grand proposal should at least have a different text, and ideally some kind of direct reward for the recipient, like a bottle of fine wine or a diamond.