Good samaritans with too many precious stones...

…we beg of your kindness.

Are you at that point where a dark skinned and keen eyed lapidary offers to give you a pimpin’ cane, but you are miserably lacking in precious stones to craft such a debacherous implement? Feel free to state so here.

Are you at that point where you are just overflowing with precious stones and don’t know what to do with them, other than hope for that opportunity card that lets you generously give them to someone who may make better use of them? Keep an eye on this thread. The people posting here will surely thank you infiinitely for your kindness.

Personally, I have to admit it. I have so many diamonds, I could eat one a day and still have a lot. The problem is, venom rubies are impossible for me to come by right now, being unable to engage in shroom hopping, and sapphires… Well, let’s just say I am not very lucky at lizard throwing. If someone was so kind to help this soul in need in the task of getting their badass pimpin’ walking stick, I would be eternally thankful.

You can get all the sapphires and venom-rubies you need through the Pickpocket’s Promenade in the Alleys of Spite. 20 Trophies, I believe.

I wish for some… high quality items. Send any crap you wish to Selenia Winthrop