Going to Flute Street: Candles?

The tooltip mentions that bringing extra candles would be helpful in flute street. How many?

aside from the thousand it costs to get in, of course.

I didn’t bring enough the first time, lost all my progress, and had to start over. The next time I brought 10,000 and had, I think, 2-4 thousand leftover. So: Lots.

I’d say 2500-3000, minimum. More if you can swing it, obv.

well damn this is expensive. Is it going to be worth it? I’m going there for a rubbery hound at least, i’m not sure what else though. Is the trip likely to be profitable if i spend 8000 candles? Is there anything else i ought to do ? (like stockpiling second chances of a certain type?)

How many candles you need depends on how high your Watchful is. If it’s maxed out and you have some decent equipment all the checks will be straightforward, so just the bare minimum of candles will be fine (it may be fine lower than that, I honestly forget how high your Watchful needs to be for absolute 100% success rates). There’s even a card or two that can give you progress without consuming candles if I’m not mistaken. Once you reach Flute Street you won’t have to make the trip again - you’ll be able to head there for just 10 actions without having to bother with the cards.

Unless you’re trying to gather the specific items or connections available there I wouldn’t call it profitable. The Rubbery Hound is cool though, and you only need to make the journey once. Both the journey and the destination have tons of great lore too.

By My reckoning, i’ll need to make the journey somewhere between eight and fifteen times in total, in order to see everyhing theological husbandry has to offer, unless i can amass multiple rubbery hounds while i’m there. Or is there some other way to get them?

You can only get 1 Rubbery Hound at a time, but you won’t need to make a big journey like the one you’re about to embark on. Returning to Flute Street after successfully completing the first trip only costs 10 actions.

what about getting back? and what is involved in farming rubbery hounds repeatedly ? :p

Going back just costs some actions. Repeatedly farming Rubbery Hounds entails going there, getting to the end of the carousel, picking up the Hound, and then going back to London to breed the hound before heading back down into Flute Street. All you’ll need is the price to pick up the Rubbery Hound.

just o be clear, are you saying you brought 10,000 in addition to the 1000 entry fee?

Candles basically function like Expedition Supplies. Extras are helpful, especially if your Watchful is low, but not absolutely necessary. Though you’ll definitely want them for the Rubbery Hound.

just o be clear, are you saying you brought 10,000 in addition to the 1000 entry fee?[/quote]

My memory was 10,000 total, but I believe you don’t lose the 1000 when you go, that’s just the minimum it advises you to take. I also could be very off, it was a while ago.

You mentioned a price to pick up the rubbery hound, what is that?

i remember being rather alarmed that the tomb lion required a tincture, i was lucky to have one left when i found it

Foxfire Candle stubs, I believe. I forget how many, but I don’t recall it being a lot.

Well i’m in flute street now. judging by the ratio of my skill and success rate, i’d estimate the target watchful for 100% on most of these checks is about 185

also i got a rubbery hound, and ive only spent about 800 candles so far. But i brought 10,000 along just in case
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Congrats on making it to Flute Street! Glad to hear you made it there without wasting a bunch of candles.

It is a rather disappoining place so far though. The stories and items in the late stages of the carousel are ineresting, but the start, which makes up the bulk of it, is certainly not. Having to spend 14 actions on only five choices (none of which yield any reward) is not my idea of a great time. i do hope the other things here will be worthwhile

One thing worth noting: from what I recall, each stage of the carousel has an option with zero consequences for failure, and no minimum stat requirement. It’s not necessarily the best place to level watchful, but it’s not the worst either.

I found flute street to be unrewarding financially, fun to explore, and I’m planning on going back there soon as it may be the best source for one particular item I’m after (or it may not - need to compare).