Going Mad for Light Fingers

So, I’ve reached the phase in my ambition where I must meet with someone who has gone mad. I assume the only way to do so is to join her in madness. I have a bottle of Honeyed Laudanum to save me from some of the worst of it, but I enjoy efficiency in all things, and I want to figure out whether I should go mad now or wait until later, see if there are two madness birds that might be killed with the same deranged stone.

Is there any other pre-Importance storyline that requires madness?
Is there anything I should make sure to accomplish while insane?
Are there any preparations I should make before going mad?
I know investigating and seduction both reset, are loose change and counting the days affected? What about potential in story writing?

Yours Kindly,


For going mad, I believe only things tied to Watchful go away, like investigating. I didn’t think seduction did, but I may be wrong.
loose change and counting are never gotten rid of other than the numistrix card.
If your going to Royal Bethlehem, you can always try to discover more about the manager, but I never really got too far that that.
You may want to consider getting the bonnet that raises nightmares by 1 before going in, then taking it off as early as possible if oyu’re trying to get back out fast.

Off the top of my head I can’t think of any other storyline that requires madness. Only suggestion is to make sure there are no Opportunity cards in your deck you want to use as they will reset.

You might want to get the spore hat for its +1 nightmare, and put on it right before you go mad, so you can take it off after madness comes and get out of it easier.

You can visit the hall of mirrors in mrs plenty’s carnival to set your nightmares to 8 if that’s a problem. Otherwise, I’ve never had Investigating… or other progress qualities drop there, but that might be new?

Don’t forget if you go mad with a Memory of Light in your possession you go to the Mirror Marches, fortunately there is a way to get to the Royal Beth.

You may wish to bring along a Tincture of Vigour. You never know when it might come in handy.

Thanks everyone! I feel I am well-prepared for the journey ahead.

Another suggestion: make sure you have a goldfish, a sporing bonnet, and a bejewelled cane with you before you go. Wear the bonnet to get there quicker, and then use the goldfish and the cane to reduce nightmares when you’re ready to leave.

Oh, and keep the bonnet on while you want to remain at the hotel, or you could end up getting kicked out before you’re ready to go.

I made sure to start the Implacable Detective Business Card investigation of a Deranged Medium so I could continue that one in the Mirror Marshes. It’s good Echoes/Action unless you’re unlucky. And I wasn’t. Managed to get the bonus reward once I got out.