Going around in circles (carousels)

Okay, the first phase of the game, can I call it the first run up to 70 in each stat?
You seem to get what you want directly, or a single build up of substat (seeking) to gain your goal.

Can I call the second phase, the progression to 100 in all stats and POSI?
It’s more common to build one substat, trade it in for progress, and do it again, or work up a combination of substats (hunting and seeking) together.

I think I’m in phase three?

It looks like the entire world has me going in loops, I’ve heard it called carousel?

There’s &quotterm passing&quot at the university. There’s assassins hunting for me. Looks like I could do one at the foreign affairs office? The velocipede squad?

Are these the main way to get anything for a while?

Are they actually any good?

Fighting a War of Assassin and all Wilmot’s End content are optional carousel for getting PoSI item and generally don’t progress any story - they are just there to provide ingredients for creating expensive items of small benefits like a Velocipede, so if you really want story just do them occasionally. They are pure grind.

Each cycle of them give one point of Dramatic Tension, three points of Dramatic Tension give you a component, enough components give you an PoSI equipment.

Velocipede Squad and Foreign Affairs are carousel that works very similar to Casing/Hunting/Seeking. You get a reward at the end of each cycle. Both of them don’t go anywhere, as Foreign Office is unfinished for a few years now and the end to Velocipede is fate-locked.

Term Passing carousel in University don’t go anywhere, until you start the storyline trying to Establish your own department. Once you start that you will eventually lose access to the regular Term Passing carousel. Keep in mind that losing access to the University is required for beginning the Scientific Expedition (which is required in some ambitions), but some people elected to delay progressing in the University because they found Term Passing… to be very useful in getting items.

Actually the PoSI phase is really similar to to post-70 areas so I don’t know what I am talking about.
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Yes, that’s sort of my question.

Why is it found “really good” I don’t see the value.

The POSI crafting items I can understand as minor goals, to progress equipment and do better.

So that only leaves the velocipede, I saw a topic where a number of people had taken the option that closed the carousel when they did the fate locked content, and where complaining about the loss.

What did that lose that was so good that I’m not seeing?

I think they weren’t expecting to lose the carousel entirely. I knew going into it on my alt that I would probably end up losing access to the Velocipede Squad, so I wasn’t blindsided and the loss sure didn’t feel like one. That carousel isn’t the most profitable, nor the most useful. It can be nice for Broken Giant, though.

Actually, there’s one other reason people got upset about that I just remembered - the choice you make in the end can change your Power in Waiting Quality. This change is not hinted at, and people have ended up on the side they didn’t like. Switching back to your original side makes you a Turncoat, and getting rid of that quality without ending on the wrong side again requires the player to know that you can gain a point of Turncoat through an implausible penance.

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