Go AWAY Mr. Smiles!

I have had the pleasure of finishing of that most dreadful man, this time quite permanently, and still, I am beset by cards telling me how he was all about his strange and miserable exploits over our fair city. I have, mind you, a statue in my name decrying how I dealt with him, and yet I still must see his ghastly face on our fair streets. This error has irked me to no end as I seek a visit from Mr. St- I mean Sacks. Is there any solution in sight? Do any of you have the same issue?

It’s only started springing up again recently for some reason. I kinda resolved i’d send a bug report if it ever came up again a few weeks ago – and then it disappeared. so i kinda thought it’d been fixed.
that said, sending a bug report to, um, whatever it is the bug report address is now, would probably be the best course of action
edited by Spacemarine9 on 12/30/2012

Please report bugs to fallenlondonbugs@failbettergames.com