Has anyone else had echo bazaar…COMPLETELY malfunction since the latest update…?

Yeah, i wouldn’t mind if they reset everything we did today because when i was doing the storyline about the The Spirifer and the Pianist it refreshed and now i have no idea what is happening.

All was well, and every thing was well, till about an hour ago … then Something Terrible Happened.

Yes, I am noticing this as well. I’m getting the white screen of death near-constantly. What’s going on?

Everything has gone to madness! Lady bones road is only open to Exceptional friends, Wolfstack Docks looks like Mahogany Hall! Have we all gone mad?

You think thats funny? MY LODGINGS are only open to exceptional friends! I believe the only one exceptional enough for my lodgings is myself, thank you very much.

That would be right about the time I got home and started trying to play. Normally that wouldn’t make me suspicious, but… well, let me share a story from my days as a software intern to pass the time. I was assigned a task to make a few simple changes in files maintained by our primitive version control system. Every time I accessed them, the system was down - and shortly thereafter, we’d get a note saying it would be down for 12-36 hours. After two weeks, my boss was getting rather frustrated that I hadn’t managed to accomplish this fairly simple task - but every time I tried to access it, the system was down. Within an hour of that meeting with my frustrated boss, the head network engineers came by to update me on the situation. That seemed a bit… personal for a lowly intern - until they said they had discovered that it was my machine crashing the system. It turned out it went down exactly when I logged on to make my changes. Unknown to me, the hard drive ghosting used to configure my machine had died partway through and left it in an unstable configuration that happened to bring the entire system (which served 300 other developers) down for a day whenever I logged on. There was no way for me to know any of this of course, and I wasn’t blamed - but ever since that day I’ve been mighty suspicious whenever a system begins acting up just as I log on.

I’m sorry, I’m trying to be sympathetic here, but this is hilarious. I’m imagining Mr. Chimes moving in with you.

Yeah, things seem to have really gone wrong. I’m gonna wait till tomorrow to see if I can wait this out. Hopefully this storm of insanity will have passed. :)

I’m sorry, I’m trying to be sympathetic here, but this is hilarious. I’m imagining Mr. Chimes moving in with you.[/quote]

“Mr. Chimes, please, I was saving those biscuits for the…Mr. Chimes, please, I need that coat to…MR. CHIMES! THAT IS MY BED SIR!”

Just be fortunate that it is not Mr Hearts wishing to spend a delicious evening with you

In my head it goes something like this:

The streets swarm with a stampede of weasels! Cats cry out unceasingly! The Unterzee boils and the Urchins have taken baths! THE END IS NIGH.

The site seems completely down for me - just keeps refreshing over and over. twitches I need my echo bazaar fix! :)

[color=00ffff]We’re working on fixing this at the moment.[/color]
[color=00ffff]I don’t think the problems are connected with the update.[/color]

All shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well. Currently, however, they are not well at all. Panic is not advised, but understandable.

Oh charming. Old Mr. Chimes is stuck in my room till noon tommorow…Gyahhh…

Well now it says “maintenance” until noon GMT tomorrow, instead of the “general error” we were getting previously. Sad day.

Ooooo, that Mr Chimes, if I never see 'im again it’ll be too soon. Didn’t I tell you, dearie, stay away from that old toad! Why, one time he got into my rooms, tried to sell me a pair of scarlet stockings, didn’t 'e, told me they didn’t fit 'im anymore! Wot’s ‘e take me for? I’ll buy my own scarlet stockings, thank you. An’ all the time ‘im nibbling on them rubbery lumps, dripping bits o’ grease all over my second-best tea-towel.

Clearly you must be the most exceptional of delicious friends. You shall be an object of envy throughout the Neath–you alone are privileged to have the Masters drink up all your port, borrow vast sums of money and simply assume it won’t be a problem if they have a few friends over for bridge.

It is a strange, capricious old loon. However, it’s difficult to actually find that out without cheating.