I started collecting glim. It is shiny. It is vaguely nautical. It comes from beetles. :)

I always assumed that the word came from something like glimmer.

Or possibly from slang for loot, as in &quotwhere did you stash the glim?&quot

Recently I was rereading &quotThe Victorian Underworld&quot (Kellow Chesney 1970, Pelican 1974 edition)

In the glossary of Victorian slang at the back it lists glim as

  1. begging by pretending your house has burnt down
  2. venereal disease


Now I got to wondering. Is that a deliberate Failbetter joke? You know, snuffers eat candles, sailors have lots of glim?

In any case, now I have read that, do I want to be collecting it?

(Also, sorry if someone has already mentioned this or if it possibly comes up later in the game or in Sunless Seas or somewhere - I am a very low level player new to your forums and don`t know too much. Also, sorry it is a bit of an inappropriate topic but I have to ask.)

I say you should. Though they say glim is the dandruff of a tonsorially neglectful (and dead, so you can’t blame it) god, and we live in its skull. If this theory is true, you are technically collecting (somewhat gross) pieces of a god, so go ahead.

Of course, if it is dandruff, then it’s scalp and hair was upside down inside its skull, but anatomy, like many things is weird in the Neath.

(Glim is very shiny, tho. Very good reason to collect it.)
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I will only say that Alexis Kennedy strikes me as a very well read and erudite individual.

Well it adds another dimension of joy to reading the game anyway. :)

After my first post I got the lapidary requires vast quantities of glim card and thought, maybe she should try the docks. Tee hee. (Shes not getting any, anyway. Why cant I get rewarded with one of those miniature glim swans?) :(

Dead-god internal dandruff? Well thats no worse than fossils or ambergris, really. :) So long as Im not going to catch anything from handling it I resolve never to sell another shard.

Great catch!