Give me your Nightmares!

Delicios friends! I’m trying to raise my Nightmares, for I need to chat with the Cheery man you often see when you’re going mad (but not totally mad). So I thought, why not doing a good deed instead of studing Correspondence until my eyes catch fire?
Come and tell me about your troubled nights! I’ll be your confidant. I’ll shiver and scream in your place.
You’ll sleep well.

All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.
edited by Zeroebbasta on 3/8/2016

I’m in need of some nightmares too. Send me yours so I can collect a certain hyaena in the Labyrinth.

Do either of you have Starveling Cats in your possession? For just a single action you can receive +1 CP to both Nightmares and Wounds for none of the profit of a normal action! If either of you are interested, I have two of the sucker pusses that I’d be willing to shove off to you. Just respond in this thread if you need some and I’ll post them off to you as soon as I can. They’ll be in the messages tab for you to accept once I send them.
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Yes, I do have a starveling cat, thanks for the reminder! I’ll do it if I get impatient about the nightmares. I’d rather help others since a lot of players seem to have an issue offloading their nightmares :)

Nightmares collected! Many thanks to everyone, delicious friends.

I’m kinda liking the idea of being a therapyst of the Neath, so… I think I’ll continue to offer my service to those willing to RP the exchange :3 My character was a doctor, after all. Send me a note if interested!

Wow, no one has sent me any? Are there no nightmares in the Neath?

No lack of nightmares – an absence of the option!

Got a surfeit of them now! Thanks and no more for now :)

Good morning!
Anyone looking for some nightmares? I’m grinding in the Forgotten Quarter for Watchful and for Eyeless skulls. Yes, skulls, i was lucky with two expeditions and an exploration and want to get that cider, but the cards and nightmares are getting a bit annoying! :D Meh, I love the gathering and risk part of the game, don’t blame me!

Morning navchaa I sent the nightmares to navchaa.I´m new player, try to find Forgotten Quater rise it too faster

I’m not accepting anymore at the moment. And I do ask that those sending a social action to me for the first time leave a message. It helps if I know more about you so I can help you along if I can.

Prof Earstwell is currently undertaking an examination of night terrors and their significance in visual representations of the correspondence and would gratefully receive nightmares from those with excess. Please do leave a calling card or message with your donation if we are not already acquainted.