Gifting/transfering Nex

My main account has a surplus of Nex and I want to share some of it with my alt. There is an option to gift a 100 but that’s too much for my purposes. I know there was an option to gift 10 and I know why it was removed, but if the option only allowed to gift Nex and not Fate, that would make it safe from exploits, no? I think it would not only help people with several accounts but also encourage gifting.
Apologies if the topic was raised before.

I would also love to be able to gift 50 Nex at a time, which I believe wouldn’t be a problem because running about London one could only accrue about 20 Fate? Maybe 30? Sources are sparse.

This makes so much sense to me that I must assume we’re missing something, otherwise it’s hard to see why that wouldn’t be implemented. On the other hand, I don’t play other StoryNexus games, so for all I know there’s a danger of Nex-farming elsewhere…

Anyway. I am in agreement with your views and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

I seem to remember the game told me somewhere that Fate cannot be used in other nexus games, you get them in London, you use them here. Only Nex can be used everywhere.

Yes, that’s right. The point is that there are a few one-off storylets that give a small amount of Fate for free, and FB want to stop people farming that and gifting it to alts, depriving them of revenue (which is totally fair enough).

You can’t buy Fate, only Nex. So the proposal is that people be allowed to gift Nex in smaller amounts than 100, since there is no risk of it being farmed and gifted, only bought and gifted.