Getting Silk as a POSI - without being ruthless

Greetings fellow fallen londoners.

A quick query for fellow Neath’ers of station. I’m trying to amass some silk, (mostly to see what the higher level item conversions/story texts are: barring fate locked content, the latter few stages of ‘Mr. Eaten’, and 2/4 remaining locations of menace, I’ve done absolutely everything).

But it seems my only option is by extorting and bullying the most downtrodden and desperate members, of the most poverty stricken basic area of the Neath - and the honest ones too! Is there any other way, or roughly equivalent amount-to-action turnover, to get Silk?

Although it is expedient, at 5 actions per go, it does not sit well with me - especially as it quite rightly bumps your Ruthless stat every time. However, I don’t want to be Ruthless and it’s usually the option I avoid, unless the others are worse.
If I choose to play fast-and-loose with the law, I will do so to people of equal station, or of a dubious and unscrupulous character. Lawyers, Infernal types, Spies and other clandestine roustabouts. (Not that I would sully my hands dealing with such people, my rag-tag bunch of shady associates that one needs from time to time to deal with said unfavourable sorts do that for me).

Anyway, a suggestion for a less oppressive way to harvest spider silk would be most welcome.

[Out of character - and partly for the devs: Much as the variety is always welcome; Spider Silk is a common item, yet in the ‘Unfinished Business’ options, it’s the only one I know of that gives an increase to any quirk. Seeing as this is the only silk option to my knowledge, it doesn’t seem entirely fair.
I for one would be much more comfortable robbing the extortionists, and giving it back - being rewarded with some as a token of gratitude, than stealing from people who are specifically pointed out as being ‘honest and desperate’].
edited by Kravan on 3/8/2012

When I was in a similar situation, I sailed over to Hunter’s Keep and spent a lot of time rummaging around in the boathouse.

Alternatively, if you want to spend the fate, you can reap quite a lot of silk at the House of Chimes, as long as you don’t complete a certain storyline (which you’ll recognize when you get there).

Hmm, I was thinking of making another expedition - I’d forgotten about the boathouse. Many thanks.