Getting Romantic Notions Without Prisoner's Honey

Yeah, anyone know convenient ways to do this? My character is someone who…doesn’t really trust the Prisoner’s Honey. Lol.

It’s not fast, but if you write in Veilgarden for Urchins, you can get a Romantic Notion. If you do HOJOTOHO and side with Urchins it also reduces Nightmares.

Another not-fast way is Polythreme. One can even profit in this place for sure - but is it worth it? Still, if you know the way and watchful or shadowy enough - you can get some RN here.
Also there are some events in Clay Quarters that can drop RN, but it depends on current Airs heavily. And give not that much of a drops.

There is a quite profitable, but Fate-locked option in the Marriage of Feducci. If you finish this festive story and ensure that the marriage successfuly goes through (I recommend reading the respective thread for pointers on that), you are rewarded with a permanent storylet that gives a repeatable 15 Romantic Notions. Not the most profitable grind in the game by far in terms of EPA, but it is a reliable and endless source of the Notions.