Getting rid of lodgings?

I chose the &quotLittle places to hide&quot option during the POSI storyline because it was less expensive/time-consuming than the alternatives, but I don’t have any real use for them now and have recently found myself inundated with lodgings-related opportunity cards… is there any way to sell or simply dispose of unwanted keys?

The Key to A Handsome Townhouse warns that you’ll lose your Salon/Orphanage if you sell it, but I’ve not seen that option come up in the Bazaar tab, so I guess you may be out of luck. Still, the lodgings cards are the most consistent sources of scraps, which can be traded (much later, in huge quantities) for items you can’t get anywhere else, so it’s not so bad.
edited by Rackenhammer on 8/23/2014

Last I heard they were planning to let us sell our lodgings, but they haven’t gotten around to putting that into the game yet.

they are not salable just yet. Presumably this will be addressed in the future, after Sunless Sea is more complete.

I feel that pain as well, having bought every lodging available to me I do get a LOT of those cards. Hopefully the Neathy real-estate market doesn’t force us to sell at the -50% bazaar ripoff prices. Be cool to actually make a profit off of real-estate as in the surface world. Or at least let me sublet the premises I do not occupy. Or something.